• Click on the button below which will redirect you to your 'GamingMonk Wallet' page:

• Please login again and you'll be able to check your Wallet balance
• Now you need to click on 'Withdraw to Bank' or 'PayTM' as shown in the picture below:

• A new page will open where you it will confirm the status of your Mobile Number and Email verification. If it's not verified, please start with your verification. If it's confirmed as shown in the picture, you can click on 'Next' to proceed:

• Now, a new tab will open where it will show the status of your PAN verifiication.
If you haven't submitted your PAN details yet, please submit it and wait for 7-10 business days until the verification is complete.
If your PAN details has been verified as shown in the picture below, you can proceed by clicking 'Next':

• Choose from one of the Payout Method - 'Bank Account', 'UPI' or 'PayTM'.
• Fill in your Account Details/UPI.
• Fill in the amount you want to withdraw.
• Click on 'Submit Request' and your payout will be initiated.

The minimum amount that you can withdraw is 200 which means you cannot submit request for amount less than 200.
Minimum Wallet balance in your GamingMonk Wallet should be 200.
Payouts are transferred in 7-10 business days. Please check with your payment option after the amount has been transferred from our end.
• You must have a valid PAN.

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